Sunday, September 13, 2015



  1. A party gift for the first person who id's the meaning of the title.

  2. Anonymous9/16/2015

    VIII.IX $M...?

  3. Nope, think of the classics.

  4. Anonymous9/17/2015

    "No studies are of consequence enough to supercede that duty of friendship"—the longed for studia? Or "Men seek riches partly to supply the needs of life"—the dangers of ambition?

  5. DoH! I hate it when people quote dad!

    I was thinking more along the lines of Dante - Circle 8; Bolgia 9: Sowers of Discord ;)

  6. Anonymous9/17/2015

    Ha ha ha ha ha. You can see why I went there.
    That's funny. Because the first place I went to was Dante. Only I was looking at Paradiso, Canto 8, "And they said that he sat on Dido's lap", so I didn't see anything there...
    Thank you, very much, for the challenge! And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go walk around with my severed head for a lantern.

    PS - Sorry for posting anonymously, I don't have any of those other accounts. Sometimes I (rarely) post on WEIT under the nom de guerre "The Rose".

  7. Well, your comments are always welcome. Perhaps next time you'll win the door prize

  8. Anonymous9/17/2015

    The Rose said: The "prize", for me, is looking at your beautiful illustrations. Besides, I thought the fortune teller WAS the "party gift". Which, by the way, makes a great nut holder, if you turn it upside-down!

    Thank you for the reminder of an hilarious playground distraction, which, come to think of it, could/should? play a deterministic role in the next round of upcoming elections?

  9. Cootie catchers are quite versatile - no doubt one could be configured for candidate selection that is more logical than our current processes for choosing candidates (Hmmm, have to run that one by Venn). Thanks for the kind words regarding my panels.