Wednesday, May 7, 2014

And Now For Something Completely Different: A Contest!

Create your own categories for 'Eternal Jeopardy!'
In the comments section, define 6 categories. I will share any entries with a distinguished panel of drinking buddies who will announce a winner on June 6.  A sample is provided as stimulus.  May the snark be with you!
FYI: This contest is being run Chicago style - enter as often as you like.
(no complaints! I love Chicago.)


  1. Climate change as superstition
    PERSECUTION "them" (all questions must blame any belief system but ours)
    WWrJD - what would republican Jesus do
    You have no moral grounding because...

  2. Six?

    I'm not racist but,

  3. Common people - let's see some ideas - I don't do this for my own amusement - wait - I actually DO do this for my own amusement ;)

  4. Fairy Tales not in the Bible

  5. Things we know about negros
    Surviving 72 hours sans oxygen
    Cruz's- fiction
    Ironic religious tattoos
    Atrocities committed by catholic atheists
    Women we've suffered to teach