Sunday, December 14, 2014

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season


  1. Nine beliefs or traditions are illustrated. I bet no one can explain the ninth one...

  2. Anonymous12/16/2014

    1.) Blue & White tree - Hanukkah - Judaism
    2.) Christmas trees - Christianity
    3.) Buddha - Buddhism
    4.) Cosmic Turtle - Hinduism
    5.) Yin & Yang - Taijitu - Taoism
    6.) Crescents - Islamism
    7.) Seven Golden Candlesticks - Revelation of St John
    8.) Cthulhu - In the midst - Lovecraft Mythos
    9.) $$ - Money - “In God We Trust” ?

  3. Excellent answers. Your # 7 is quite impressive, though not what I intended. My bad, not yours. I erred in using the temple menorah in place of the proper 9 place Hanukkah menorah, which means that there is still one missing reference. Nevertheless, should I ever get around to casting one of these, I will gladly send you one ;) (FYI, I have revised the image accordingly)

  4. Anonymous12/16/2014

    ...ok, so...Is it maybe that the Buddha’s sportin’ one of those mystic warrior armband tattoos of a Celtic knot—even though the Celts supposedly didn't do tattoos but still gets the Pagan thing in there kind of thing?

    Happy Holy Holidays, BTW!

  5. Again, a spirited effort, but having the benefit (or is it curse?) of knowing exactly what I am thinking, the 9th reference is the 3 trees w red decorations, one centered w blue and 3 with green - Happy Kwanzaa! Technically, since the pole behind the Buddha is aluminum, I suppose Festivus is included as well.

    Happy Holistic Holidays to you as well.

  6. Anonymous12/16/2014

    Ya know—I looked at those trees, and the obvious difference of coloration, and I still didn't get it :/ And I should've known, what—you with your “micrurus banding” an’ all. Ha! This is wonderful!

    1. what can I say - obscure references on the most obscure site on the web, go figure ;)

  7. Anonymous12/16/2014

    Of course, I could nit-pick and say that the middle candle in Kwanzaa is supposed to be black—not blue, (like I knew that).

    Thanks for the challenge, that was fun!

    I'm still slightly concerned about those $ signs, though. Are we to take it that they represent the tradition of the commercialization of xmas?

  8. Are we to take it that they represent the tradition of the commercialization of xmas?

    Yes. it is exactly that

  9. The turtle base is my favorite part FYI