Friday, December 12, 2014

Epic Fail (For Kurt Vonnegut Fans)

Thanks to 'Breakfast of Champions'


  1. This is probably one of those extreme inside jokes that mean nothing outside the confines of my skull.

  2. You're right, Pliny. But I love your work always, and would love to understand the inside of your cranium if you feel at all disposed to share.

    It has nothing to do with Venn diagrams, does it??

  3. Just a rather random aside, but in your "Freedom Water" strip (from the personal favorites), the face Byrnn is making is one I see regularly from my 15-yr-old daughter...

    1. Similar no doubt to the one I get from my 17 year old - who was the model for Brynn's mannerisms

  4. No, Venn diagrams. Not this time. It's a reference to one of Kurt Vonnegut's drawings from 'Breakfast with Champions.' In the book he draws what looks a lot like an asterisk but is supposed to be his version of the end terminus of the GI tract - a term that is also quite useful in describing people who behave badly. So the last picture is of a group of such individuals under the banner of GP. Like I said, it made sense when I drew it ;)

  5. Ho HO!!! OMG!! That is BRILLIANT!! heh heh heh heh *snork* Oh yeah...