Friday, July 18, 2014

Theistic Evolution


  1. sorry, even though I am an evolutionary biologist I have to remind that we should not distort other positions. This cartoon definitely is not a fair representation of theistic evolution but rather of special creation or ID. Theistic evolution accepts common descent with modification and often also the process of random mutation and natural/ sexual selection. Some theistic evolutionists may assume non-random adaptive mutations as means of divine guidance, while others simply believe that God creates via Darwinian evolution and preordained the result in a deterministic universe by selecting the initial conditions at the Big Bang. Propaganda cartoons like this just push openminded and science-friendly Christians into the arms of creationist fundamentalists.

  2. As you say, some theists view evolution as a series of divine nudges (described here) and others think it's a preordained program. In any case it's a cartoon not propaganda and I doubt it will drive anyone in a direction they aren't already traveling.