Friday, May 10, 2013

Hose Job

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  1. The Book of Job is one of the most hard to defend passages in the Bible, in my view. Basically, Satan goads God into allowing Job to be tormented on a bet. Job stays faithful despite it all, but offends God by asking for an explanation for it all. Once again God is portrayed as being more akin to Trelane from STOS, than a loving god.

    God berates Job for his impertinence. "Were you around when i did all this cool stuff, yadda yadda. How dare you question me, you worm." Like the abuse victim that he is, Job asks forgiveness of this cosmic thug.

    God makes it all better in his mind and those of his followers by giving Job new blessings.

    This includes 10 new children to replace the 10 innocent ones that God allowed to be slaughtered by Satan. What parent would think that a blessing? What loving god would allow it on a bet?

    At the end, the believer is expected to ignore the death of innocents because, after all, they have been replaced by better ones. It is reprehensible in the extreme. KInd of like burning ants with a magnifying glass because you can.